These times are very rapidly changing, not just by the Coronavirus but Global Warming, inequity and lack of empathy… so find fresh inspirational resources about Sustainability is a motivation to keep faith and still working on that track. This time I want to write about a book published in 2017, written by Kira Gould and Lance Hosey, “WOMEN IN GREEN, Voices of Sustainable Design”.

Kira is a communications consultant for architecture firms. She was the managing editor at Metropolis and today covers sustainability and design for that magazine and others.
Lance Hosey is a Director with William McDonough + Partners. He has been featured in Metropolis Magazine’s Next Generation” program.

This little but amazing book is about women’s contribution to the sustainable design movement. It explores the connections between diversity, ecology, and innovation. 
From jane Jacobs, “the leading voice of the city”, to several contemporary architects and scientist who were interviewed, are mentioned here, who’s thoughts and work contributes to a better sustainable world.

In the chapter about “What is Sustainability”, they accept: “We are not certain what is it”. The word is used in different ways, the term is very moldable: It is about the way we live, for ecologist, policymakers, designers and architects is used in completely different perspectives. However, as a way of conclusion, professor Galen Cranz from California-Berkley says “sustainability is primarily a lifestyle choice”.  

And what about “Sustainable Design”? They confront several questions in this concern: It is more about sustainability or about design? Many architects and builders consider it a purely technical agenda pursued exclusively through materials and methods, the science of building, not the art of architecture. Certainly many of the buildings touted as green cannot be called inspired design, at least not by any traditional measure. What is the place of aesthetics in sustainability?

Topics such as community, health and well-being, comfort and delight, innovation, team work, are delightfully described as part of these so called term “Sustainability”.

The conclusion is fascinating: “The answer is love”.
What’s love got to do with it? According to the geneticist David Suzuki: “Built into the fundamental properties of matter is the mutual attraction that could be thought of as the basis of love. For human beings, love, beginning with the bond between mother and infant, is the humanizing force that confers health in body and mind. Receiving love releases the capacity for love and compassion that is critical part of living together as social beings”.

This is my recommended book of the week.